A Civic Leadership Institute for English-Speaking Youth


Michael Goldbloom, C.M.We are thrilled to be hosting the Bishop’s Forum this coming August in beautiful Lennoxville, Quebec. The Forum will be a unique opportunity for young leaders in the English-speaking community from across the province to spend a week immersed in the exciting and important conversation about the kind of province Quebec currently is and could possibly be. The central concept of this initiative is the idea that if young English-speaking Quebecers can wrap their imaginations around how the business of the Quebec’s major institutions is transacted, they will be better equipped to lead the change from which the whole province can benefit. In other words, through an exciting, enriching and interactive program, we are seeking to empower the next generation of young English-speaking leaders to build a smarter, richer, greener and more inclusive Quebec. So, to whomever is reading this message, please send the word out to young members of the English-speaking community that the Bishop’ Forum is awaiting them in Lennoxville from August 12th to 17th.

Michael Goldbloom, C.M.
Chair, Bishop’s Forum
Principal & Vice-Chancellor, Bishop’s University

Russell Copeman“May you live in interesting times” is often said to be a curse. I think the contrary: to live in a time like ours, of great challenge and change, inspires civic engagement, a key element to promote a healthier society.

I am delighted to be working with Principal Goldbloom and his team at Bishop’s University on this second edition of the Bishop’s Forum. Building on last year’s success, the Forum will provide fortunate young English-speaking Quebecers from across the province the opportunity to learn about our community, talk about effecting positive change in our society, and grow together.

The Bishop’s Forum provides participants with a unique five day civic leadership boot camp, interacting with Quebec leaders – leaders in change, social justice, community, and government. We will learn from one another in the hope the experience will catalyze a next generation of doers in our communities and province.

Bishop’s University’s idyllic campus in Lennoxville in the Eastern Townships is an ideal venue to inspire us all. Consider joining us for what will be a great experience.

Russell Copeman
Bishop’s Forum

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