A Civic Leadership Institute for English-Speaking Youth


Michael Goldbloom, C.M.We are thrilled to be hosting the Bishop’s Forum this coming August. The Forum is a unique opportunity for young leaders in the English-speaking community from across the province to spend time immersed in the exciting and important conversation about the kind of province Quebec currently is and could possibly be. The central concept of this initiative is the idea that if young English-speaking Quebecers can wrap their imaginations around how the business of the Quebec’s major institutions is transacted, they will be better equipped to lead the change from which the whole province can benefit. In other words, through an exciting, enriching and interactive program, we are seeking to empower the next generation of young English-speaking leaders to build a smarter, richer, greener and more inclusive Quebec. So, to whomever is reading this message, please send the word out to young members of the English-speaking community that the Bishop’s Forum wants to hear from them this August.

Michael Goldbloom, C.M.
Chair, Bishop’s Forum
Principal & Vice-Chancellor, Bishop’s University

Yolande JamesI believe that we all, as citizens, yearn to matter and to make a difference. And now, in the era of social media, we can connect to information, ideas, and each other in ways we never imagined. This presents both opportunities and challenges on the path to making a positive contribution.

The Bishop’s Forum Leadership Institute is a unique opportunity for you to forge new relationships with your peers from across Quebec, as well as to engage with inspiring leaders.

I am honoured to be working with Principal Goldbloom and his team at Bishop’s University on this year’s Forum. English-speaking Quebecers are a vital part of the political, social and economic fabric of this province. The Forum’s program will afford you the opportunity to learn, share, inspire and be inspired. I hope you will make the most of every moment.

I look forward to meeting you in August.

Yolande James
Bishop’s Forum

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