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2023 Program

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2023 Program (PDF)

The event will culminate with a presentation to a mock Parliamentary Commission by each of the groups of the brief they have prepared during the week. You will be given time each day to prepare your brief and your media strategy in support of your presentation.

What exactly is a parliamentary commission? Bishop’s Forum Director Yolande James explains:

Parliamentary commissions were created to deal with a considerable amount of parliamentary business and thus increase the efficiency of the National Assembly. A committee is a work group composed of a set number of MNAs (Members of the National Assembly) who examine issues within the committee’s particular area of competence.

Points to consider when presenting to a parliamentary commission:

1)  What’s your headline?

  • Clearly identify your topic and what you want to say about it.

2)  Know your audience.

  • Who are you speaking to, and what is their background in relation to your proposal?

3)  Enough about the problem… bring on the solutions!

  • Formulate innovative and realistic plans you can bring to the table to help solve the issue.

4)  Address your vulnerabilities head on.

  • Acknowledge areas that require more investigation, resources or planning and explain how you will address them.

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