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What do past participants have to say about their Bishop’s Forum experience? Hear from them why you shouldn’t miss it!

After my first participation, back in 2018, my vision changed. I knew how I wanted to contribute to Quebec society. I know that being a participant is what kicked everything off for me. It was an extremely satisfactory moment to see how so many of us had questions and concerns and stood up to voice them.


Participant; Youth Advisory Committee Member

My experiences at the Bishop’s Forum opened my eyes to organizations that support the English-speaking population in various regions across the province. Both experiences motivated me to become a better leader in my community and seek out new opportunities.


Participant; Coach; Youth Advisory Committee Member

My Bishop’s Forum experience was rich and energizing. I really appreciated the variety of panelists and presenters, and the opportunities to engage with them directly. One of my favorite parts of the week was the discussions that happened in the dining hall where participants, presenters and organizers mixed to eat and continue conversations started in the classrooms. These exchanges, both in and out of the formalized schedule of the week, deepened and strengthened everyone’s understandings of what it means to be an English-speaking youth in Quebec and I’d challenge you to find one person who left the Forum unchanged.


Participant; Co-Coach; Youth Advisory Committee Member

For me, the Bishop’s Forum was a week-long opportunity to meet other amazing and talented youth from all regions of Quebec. It allowed me to grow as an individual, all while developing my leadership and social networking skills. At the Forum, we discussed various social issues affecting Quebecers and pitched in our perspective as members of the youth community. Overall, my horizons were broadened by the many inspiring participants and members. I would highly recommend the Bishop’s Forum to anyone who is interested in social issues, Quebec politics, or even if they just want to engage in dialogue with other youth participants.



I had a different view of how I fit into Québec society after taking part, and felt much more empowered as a citizen.


Participant; Youth Advisory Committee Member

I truly enjoyed my Bishop’s Forum experience. It was the perfect way to connect with other English-speaking Quebecers. During the busy week, we were able to hear from a variety of speakers, network with other participants, and complete a mock Parliamentary Commission that gave us the opportunity to work with a team. The team that I worked with focused on youth engagement and opportunities, which led us to some interesting discussions – opening our eyes to issues that youth face throughout the province and having the opportunity to work together to propose recommendations of how to improve these situations.


Participant; Coach; Youth Advisory Committee Member

I particularly enjoyed participating in the parliamentary commission at the Bishop’s Forum, where I learned with my teammates what it really takes to pitch an idea. The Forum is an opportunity for Quebec’s future lawmakers, presidents, community leaders and changemakers to come together to build a strong and resilient network.


Participant; Coach; Youth Advisory Committee Member

First and foremost, the Bishop’s Forum is a tailored experience that has significantly changed my perspectives as a member of an anglophone minority in Quebec. The forum was a unique opportunity to network with incredible individuals who came from a broad range of diverse backgrounds that share the same drive for change. Whether it was presenting a health care bill in front of a parliamentary commission or sharing the heartfelt pain of Indigenous community members speaking about the suicide crisis in Northern Quebec, the Bishop’s Forum will open your eyes. Don’t miss this.


Co-Coach; Youth Advisory Committee Member

My first Bishop’s Forum came as the most surprising, yet exhilarating experience of my academic career. Having little background knowledge in Quebec’s political and legal spheres, this opportunity acted as the perfect initiation to the possibilities of such a vast pool of information and its possible effects for my future career as a teacher. Not only were the speakers enticing and inspiring, but my fellow participants allowed for an eye-opening week. I had the chance to explore my field of study (Education) in greater depth with students from other universities who, like me, were excited to work collaboratively.


Participant; Coach; Youth Advisory Committee Member

The Bishop’s Forum was a transformative and empowering event, and I am very grateful to have met remarkable people and made the connections I have today.


Participant; Youth Advisory Committee Member

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