A Civic Leadership Institute for English-Speaking Youth


This initiative is being supported by the Government of Quebec as part of its Stratégie d’action jeunesse 2016-2021.

Steering Committee

Michael Goldbloom, C.M., Chair
Heather Lawford, Associate Professor, Psychology Department
Alexandra Medalsy, 2018-19 Student Representative Council (SRC) President
Royal Orr, Senior faculty member, Canada School of Public Service
Sylvia Martin Laforge, Director General, QCGN

Advisory Board

Marie-Josée Berger, Dean, School of Education, Bishop’s University
Chris Bourne, Political Science Professor and Model United Nations Faculty Advisor, Dawson College
Christian Corno, Director General, Marianopolis College
Odette Côté, Director General, Champlain College
John Halpin, Director General, John Abbot College
John McMahon, Director General, Vanier College
Michael Randall, Director General, Heritage College
Ian Simmie, Campus Life and Engagement Director, McGill University
Iris Unger, Executive Director, Youth Employment Services (YES)
Jake Wildman-Sisk, Social Innovation Fellow, RECODE McConnell Foundation
Andrew Woodall, Dean of Students, Concordia University


Russell Copeman, Director
Denise Lauzière, Associate Director

Bishop's University
Concordia University
Students' Representative Council

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