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Michael Rzeszutek – 2019 Youth Advisory Committee

Formerly a medical student, Michael currently studies law at Université de Sherbrooke. Michael was the Canadian youth representative for the Board of Directors of Free the Children. He also founded the non-profit, “Operation Bee” to raise awareness of the mass disappearance of bees. Originally from an anglophone community in Montreal, Michael has developed a strong sense of belonging to the francophone community, where he lived in Saguenay for several years.

My Forum Experience
First and foremost, the Bishop’s Forum is a tailored political experience that has significantly changed my perspectives as a member of an anglophone minority in Quebec. The forum was a unique opportunity to network with incredible individuals who came from a broad range of diverse backgrounds that share the same drive for change. Whether it was presenting a health care bill in front of a parliamentary commission or sharing the heartfelt pain of Indigenous community members speaking about the suicide crisis in Northern Quebec, the Bishop’s Forum will open your eyes. Don’t miss this.

Meet the 2019 Youth Advisory Committee

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