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Evening Activities

The Bishop’s Forum includes time to visit some of the Eastern Townships.

We will organize evening off-site activities to complete your Quebec immersion program. Not to worry though, there will also be time for you to visit the city of Sherbrooke and Lennoxville on your own.

The City of Sherbrooke, with a population of 154,700, boasts rich and diverse urban activities and a charming natural setting created by its lakes, rivers and valleys. Sherbrooke’s varied landscape, from rolling hills to small valleys, greatly accentuates the beauty of the city. This close proximity to nature not only offers access to many sports and outdoor activities, but also lets you discover the rich fauna and flora that characterize the region.

For more information visit the following websites:

Wellington street, downtown Sherbrooke

The Bishop’s campus also offers various activities that you may want to take advantage of:

Astronomical Observatory

Take a magical journey into the skies in our observatory. Located on the roof of the Nicolls building, the observatory houses a PlaneWave 17″ (f/6.8) Dall-Kirkham corrected optical design telescope, which allows you to view Eastern Townships stellar evenings!

John H. Price Sport and Recreation Centre

Bring your sports gear and take advantage of what the sports centre has to offer.

Bishop's Astronomical Observatory
Bishop's Astronomical Observatory

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